Our Favorites
Here are some of our favorite areas, activities, businesses, restaurants, attractions and more! Click a section to see more details.  And please be sure to tell us if you find something special that we should share with others.

Interested in a historical perspective?  Check out this book from 1908, converted to a digital ebook (thanks to Richard Davis for the link!):​
Other than purely relaxing, recreation is probably the number one reason visitors love to go to Edgeset and why they keep coming back!   Click here to learn more about recreational pursuits both locally and within an easy drive.
  1. Restaurants
    Looking for a place share a special, romantic evening? In the mood for Maine specialties like lobsters and lobster rolls? How about a pizza night? Find almost anything nearby!
  2. Shopping
    Unique local shops, outlet shopping, groceries, clothing, specialty stores, and something for just about everyone!
  3. Attractions
    Many great attractions and places to visit. Enjoy tourist attractions, sightseeing, nature parks, amusements, and more!
  4. Events
    Local events abound, or take in a minor league baseball or ice hockey game in Portland, visit museums, or go whale watching!
  5. Coming soon...
    More to come!
  6. Coming soon...
    More to come!.
More to come...
More to come...