Dining options to suit anyone in a number of nearby towns!


Edgeset is located in Denmark, ME.  Being a very small town, there are no real restaurant options in Denmark.  Fortunately, there are plenty of great restaurants in the nearby towns.  Here are some of the more notable:
Mack's Place - One of our favorite places in Bridgton for lobster rolls and hand-cut french fries.                                       (Spring 2017 update:  We were very disappointed to see the price for the                                                                   "Classic Lobster Roll" climb from $11.99 to $15.99, but it is still worth it!)

A La Mexicana - Some of the BEST and most authentic mexican food we've had anywhere, and                                            definitely the best I've had since living in Colorado!  Located in Bridgton on  Portland Road                            (US 302).  UPDATE 6-21-2018: This is truly excellent Mexican food.  We love the enchiladas                        and the fajitas, but don't miss out on the house margharita, it is delicious!

Beth's Kitchen Cafe - Delicious (and creative) breakfast  and lunch in Bridgton.  Daily specials, good                                coffee drinks, and a few outdoor tables help make Beth's a wonderful place  to eat.  Don't                                forget to check out their gourmet dessert treats!

Morning Glory Diner - A very popular breakfast spot in Bridgton.

Tom's Homestead 1821 Restaurant - Fine dining in Bridgton.

The Black Horse Tavern  - Lunch and dinner with a good bar in Bridgton.

Gary's Olde Towne Tavern  - Good food and brew pub located in Naples; live music on scheduled nights.

The Oxford House Inn - We only recently learned about this restaurant and haven't had a chance to try                         it, but it is highly recommended by locals as some of the finest dining in all of western Maine,                         located in Fryeburg.  Call to be sure they are serving, reservations may be a good idea.  The                           first time we were going to go, they were closed for maintenance.

Standard Gastropub - Eat here and get gas - literally!  This restaurant also has gas pumps where you                                can fill your car, then go inside and fill your stomach!  We haven't actually eaten here yet,                                but we're told they have very good wings, burgers, and mac and cheese.  Located on Main                                Street (US 302) in Bridgton, near the northern intersection with Rt. 117.