None of your typical "chain" stores here!
But you will find
special stores
with great items.


You won't find many of the usual "chain" operations in this area.  But that doesn't mean there aren't some  truly special options!  Here are some of our favorites:
J. Decor - Located in one of Bridgton's historic buildings, featuring truly unique furniture and                                             decorating designs.

Craftworks - Women's clothing, furnishings and decorating with a distinctive local flair; Bridgton.

SCOUT Home Finds - Donna is a real sweetheart and she is always "scouting" for great items.  More                              than a few of them have wound up at Edgeset!

Firefly Boutique - One of Regina's newest favorites!  Offering unique jewelry, women’s clothing and                                 accessories, and gifts; in Bridgton.

Reny's - Known as "Maine's Department Store" and "A Maine Adventure", Reny's is an experience not                             to be missed!  Great pricing on most items, generally close-outs and seconds, in Bridgton.

Bridgton Books - A great local bookstore, nice selection of books related to Maine.

Grocery Stores

Hannaford Market - Our favorite grocery store, located in Bridgton.

Food City - Located in Bridgton

JimBob's General Store - Denmark, JimBob's has a little bit of everything, including fishing licenses.